Barbary macaque
(Macaca sylvanus)


The Barbary macaque is the only macaque species found in Africa, where they inhabit the oak and cedar forests of the Atlas Mountains in Morroco and Algeria. They live in large multi-male multi-female groups with 25-70 animals. Barbary macaques show male dispersal and female philopatry, form linear dominance hierachies and have a rather relaxed and tolerant social style. The diet of barbary macaques mainly consists of plant parts, like fruits, leaves, flowers, bark, gum, etc. and smaller animals, e.g. snails, earthworms, scorpions and all kinds of insects. Their complex social behaviour alongside with their forming of highly differentiated relationships make them a great model species to study the effects of sociality, social networks and social bonds on health, survival and fitness. Barbary macaques are enlisted as “endangered” (IUCN Red List 2016). Macaca sylvanus