(Pan troglodytes)


Chimpanzees can be found in rainforests, swamp forests and savannas of Central and West Africa. They live in multi-male multi female fission-fusion societies which can consist of up to a few hundred individuals. They frequently form subgroups which can be highly fluid with quickly changing members and can last a few days before rejoining the community. Chimpanzees follow a distinct dominance hierarchy, with males being dominant over females. When reaching maturity, females leave their natal groups to join other communities. Chimpanzees promiscuously reproduce throughout the year and females give birth to one infant every 3 to 4 years. Although they are omnivores, their diet mainly consists of fruit and other plant parts but they supplement their diet with insects, birds or mammalian prey (mostly by hunting colobus monkeys). Chimpanzees are enlisted as “endangered” (IUCN Red List 2016). chimpanzee